Wine Cellar - masterclasses

Vardzia Resort

04 June 2019

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The process of creating something with your own hands is always associated with special emotions and impressions.

What is better than experiencing the taste and aroma of freshly pulled out trout from terrace pools, caught by you.

There is nothing better than the dough formed with your own hands, which you will bake in Tone and turn it into delicious bread, Khachapuri or even a Meskhetian gata.

You can test yourself in fruit processing and taste numerous aromatic dried fruits at the table, under the hundred years old oak tree.

What about going into the winepress? You know, self made wine has a whole different taste.
At the same time, you will be invited to the wine cellar where you will be able to taste our unique and endemic varieties of vineyard wines, which are based on our terraces, according to Meskhetian traditions.