Vardzia Resort

04 June 2019

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VardziaResort restaurant offers its guests the perfect choice of Georgian-European dishes. The main idea of the restaurant, as well as the resort, is a reflection of Meskhetian culture and tradition. The restaurant menu is created with the consideration of local and foreign guests. We revived and brought to life the spirit of traditional and ancient Meskhetian dishes here. Everything that the guest sees and tastes in the restaurant is made from locally grown fresh, natural products.

We respect the Meskhetian traditions, thus we serve Tatarberak and Khinkali precisely with fried onions, garlic sauce and sour milk, which is an integral part of Meskhetian culture.

It is also worth mentioning  that pickled vegetables, Tutumazhi, Meskhetian layered khachapuri, Bishi-lukhum, that are served in our restaurant, are an essential part of Meskhetian culture.

The cheese has a very important part of Meskhetian cuisine and its diversity is also presented in our restaurant: Teenil, Checheil, Head-cheese, Goat cheese ..

Exclusively in our restaurant, guests can taste the vinegar made of pure Mulberry juice, which is a wonderful dressing for salads.

Tea lovers will also be very satisfied. They will have a chance to taste wild peppermint, marmitch, cherry, quince, savory and nergo leaves tea, which will guide them to the ocean of various scents and aromas.