About Us

About us

feel the history
Entering constantly open gates leads you to a time tunnel of an ancient Meskhetian traditions and culture which is accompanied by modern comfort.

Ancient caves, monasteries, waterfalls, terraces and pools, spa, comfortable rooms, wine and tone masterclasses, and an impressive view of Vardzia complex.

This is an incomplete list of things that create unity with history, culture and traditions

Which allows you to temporarily slow down the crazy rhythm of life and relax.



In the 12th century, the King of Georgia, George the 3rd, went to Javakheti along with his daughter Tamar, who later on became the first female ruler of the united Georgia. While the king was distracted with hunting, he did not notice the absence of Tamar . His viziers Immediately started the search. During one of the shouts: “Where are you, Tamar?” Tamar responded by saying “I am here uncle!” This phrase translates as “Ak Var Dzia”, and that is why this place is called Vardzia.



However our history has not started in the 12th century, It goes way back to 5-6 thousand years ago, in the era of Eneolite, when humanity first started to exploit this area that grew into great culture and history. It grew into our inspiration to build a bridge between history and modernity. On one hand a pristine, preserved culture, environment, traditions and on the other hand modern comforts and services are being combined with each other at our resort.



VardziaResort is  located in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, southern-western part of Georgia, in the distinguished area of antiquities and traditions. This region always played a major role in every stage of the history of Georgia, as it is today.

Vardzia is not the only monument in this part of Georgia that can brag with its beauty. You will encounter a lot of cultural and non-cultural heritage around this area, such as: Khertvisi fortress, Vani caves, Tmogvi fortress, Nokalakevi and others.

The huge territory of the Vardzia provides every opportunity to feel yourself in an isolated world. Ancient terraces, fruit gardens, pools, waterfalls, playgrounds and an impressive view of the old town of Vardzia. Here you will be able to taste and prepare traditional Meskhetian cuisine and attend wine and tone masterclasses.