National and Meskhetian cuisineThe restaurant is at your service

Separately from the hotel situated cozy restaurant of Georgian cuisine, which is available for every traveler-pilgrim will surprise with the quality of food and reasonable prices.

The uniqueness of our kitchen is that it also offers local dishes of Meskheti cooked on an open fire and mountain spring water. Meals are prepared from organic products grown at local farms. Lovers of modern drinks, cocktails and pleasant music can relax in the bar.

The restaurant can accommodate a large number of visitors, who can dine inside the restaurant (130 persons) and on the large terrace (150 persons), enjoying the views of the Vardzia cave city.

Restaurant is open from 11:00 till 23:00.

Hotel Vardzia,Culinary Master Class

Culinary Master ClassGeorgian Cuisine Hits

Delicious, juicy, fragrant, spicy, moderately hot – this is just a small list of epithets that Georgian cuisine can be rewarded. However, when talking about it for some reason, one immediately imagine “shashlik” (barbecue), plenty of greenery and a lot of wine. In fact it is not exactly this way.

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